Many are the times when couples ask; what is the best time to conceive a baby boy? The answer is simple; have intercourse at the height of ovulation. This means no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation. In this post, we debunk the best time that you can expect to conceive a baby boy. To understand the best time to conceive a baby of a specific gender, it is important to go back to the beginning to demystify how conception takes place.

When you have intercourse, the man ejaculates both male and female sperms. The male sperms carry the Y chromosome, while the female sperms have the X chromosome. On the other hand, the ovum in the woman only has X chromosome. Therefore, the best time to conceive a baby boy is when you are likely to have the male sperm successfully fertilize the ovum.

To get it right on timing, the logic is that the male sperms are weaker and need to be given the best opportunity to meet the ovum. They have a shorter tail and a shorter lifespan. This implies that they travel faster since they are light but only for a short distance before tiring and dying off in a few days. On the other hand, the female sperms have longer tails, are hardier, and travel slowly to meet the ovum. They can also take longer in the birth canal, uterus and fallopian tubes waiting for the ovum and fertilize it.

To get it right on conceiving a baby boy, everything must be done with precision. Here are the best times to conceive a baby boy.

You are more likely to conceive a baby boy in summer than other seasons

Studies done on children conception indicate that more boys than girls are conceived in summer. Researchers indicate that more boys are conceived when there are 12 hours of daylight daily, and the temperatures average about 55 degrees F. It is believed that nature has its way of balancing the number of males and females for appropriate distribution in the globe. Therefore, couples looking forward to conceiving baby boys should target making love during the summer months.

Though having sex in summertime raises the chances of conceiving a baby boy, a lot of girls are also conceived during the same month. If you want to increase the probability of getting a male child, it is better to follow the next method; timing the ovulation cycle.

Purpose to conceive immediately after the period

Experts and parents agree that one of the most effective methods of having a baby boy is after the periods. This means the time when ovulation starts. For a lady with a standard 28 days menstrual cycle, the ovulation would take place on the 14th day of the cycle. Because the menstrual cycle varies in different women, the best thing is not sticking to the 14th day, but monitoring when ovulation starts and having sex no earlier than 24hrs.

Ovulation is the point when the woman’s body releases a fertile egg for fertilization. Having sex at the moment when the egg is released means that the faster male sperms will have a better chance of meeting the egg and fertilizing it. Here is an account of how to pinpoint when ovulation starts.

  • Monitor the basal body temperature: Basal body temperature (BBT) is the temperature of the body at rest. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the BBT is fairly constant, 97.2 and 97.6 degrees F. During ovulation, the body temperatures dip with about 0.4 to 1.0 degrees F.
    To track BBT, you should use a digital thermometer to take the body temperature immediately after waking up. The target should be looking for a sustainable dip and not just a slight shift that can be caused by many factors. You might want to follow the BBT for several months to understand the exact time when the body ovulates.
  • Use menstrual charting: This is another simple yet highly effective method of tracking when ovulation starts. This means following the days of your menstrual cycle and pointing the most probable time when ovulation is likely to start. If your period has a normal 28 to 35 days cycle, the ovulation will occur between the 14th and 19th day. You should also observe the common symptoms of ovulation including mood changes, cervical mucus, breast tenderness, and fluid retention.
  • Using the ovulation kit: The OTC, commonly referred as Ovulation-Predictor Kits, help to measure the level of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) that can be easily detected in the urine. The kits work well because ovulation hits approximately 10-12 hour after the LH hits the peak. This coincides with the 14th or 15th day for the women with a regular menstrual cycle.

Two things that will help to raise the chances of getting a baby boy on the ovulation day

When ovulation finally hits, it is time to have sex and get the baby boy you have been waiting for. However, you can still raise the chances of getting a baby boy by doing the following two things;

  • Make sure to take the right food that promotes alkalinity of the birth canal.
    While having sex during ovulation gives the male sperms a better chance to meet the ovum before the female sperms, it is important also to promote the vaginal canal environment. You should, therefore, take foods that help to keep the vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes alkaline. You can achieve this by eating food such as broccoli, kales, papaya, and tomatoes.
  • Use the sex position that will deposit the sperms deepest in the birth canal and closest to the ovum.
    Even though you have identified the best date to have sex and conceive a baby boy, do not leave anything to chance. You should also use the best sex position that will help to deposit the sperms closest to the ovum. This will help the male sperms to travel a shorter distance to meet the egg and fertilize it. Some great sex positions to consider include the downward doggy, Kitchen confidential position, and bicycle sex position.

The final take

While a lot of theories and methods on how to conceive a baby boy are available out there, timing is perhaps the most effective. By ensuring that you have sex when the ovum is ready to be fertilized, it means that the male sperms will have an added advantage of traveling faster through the birth canal to meet the ovum. recommends Ashley Spencer's Conceive A Baby Boy Guide to help you with selecting your baby's gender. Their proven methods have a success rate of 92%. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!