Would you love to add a baby boy to your family? Though it sounds really nice to be able to select the gender of your baby, it is never easy outside the laboratory. However, researchers have been working on every aspect of conception to get the best method that parents can use to select the gender of a baby. One of the methods they recommend that every couple should use is getting it right on the sex positions.

How the gender of a baby is determined?

In this post, we take a deeper look at the sex positions that can help you conceive a baby boy. Before reviewing the sex positions, it is important to go back to the beginning and establish how the gender of a baby is determined.

The theory behind using sex positions to select the gender of a baby lies in the fact that there are both male and female sperms released during intercourse. When a couple have intercourse, the man ejaculates both the female sperms (X chromosomes) and female sperms (Y chromosomes). However, the ovum from a lady only contains the X chromosome (the female cells).

If the female sperm (X) fertilizes the ovum (X), the result will be a baby girl (XX). However, if the male sperm (Y) fertilizes the egg (X) the result will be a baby boy (XY). The sex positions discussed in this post seek to promote the chances of sperms containing Y chromosomes meeting the ovum to form a baby boy. To achieve this, you have to take note of several characteristics of sperms;

  • The male sperms have a shorter tail, travel shorter distances, and also die faster. Despite this, the sperms are faster but only on shorter distances.
  • The female sperms, on the other hand, have longer tails, are hardy, live longer and can swim for longer distances to meet the egg and fertilize it. This implies that they have an added advantage if deposited very far from the fallopian tubes or released to the birth canal long before ovulation.

The best sex positions to conceive a baby boy

The sex positions reviewed below help to give the male sperm an advantage so that it can fertilize the egg.

The downward doggy

The downward doggy is one of the best positions for couples who want to conceive a baby boy because it helps the man get deeper penetration and optimize vaginal pleasure. Because the sperms are deposited closest to the cervix, the male sperms have a shorter distance to meet the ovum. Besides, since the position helps the woman to get an orgasm easily, the ensuing vaginal contraction further helps the sperms to travel faster towards the ovules.

the downward dog sex position

In this position, the lady should lie on the bed face-down and knees raised a little using a pillow. The woman should lie on the bed with her face down, and knees bent a little.
Then, the hips should be raised a little, probably using a pillow, to get a more comfortable and pleasuring penetration. To get an even deeper penetration, the man should prop himself with arms so that his weight is off the lady.

Use the Kitchen confidential position

This position is mainly considered the best position for quick intercourse, commonly known as ‘quickie.’ However, it is also a great option for raising your chances of conceiving a baby boy because it allows your man to penetrate deeper. Besides, it allows the woman to control the depth of the penetration.

kitchen confidential sex position

Note that though it is called kitchen confidential, it does not mean that it can only take place in the kitchen. It can be done anywhere as far as you have a raised bench.

The position involves having the lady sit in a standard table, the height of the kitchen bench. The man penetrates the lady when standing up as the lady slightly parts her legs at the hips. The lady can have the legs down or wrap them around the waist of the man.

The bicycle sex position

This is one of the sex positions that many people prefer because it allows for optimal penetration and pleasure. Many couples who try the position when trying to conceive a baby boy come back with a positive report; our baby is a boy!

the bicycle sex position

The lady should stand on a bed, then lie back slowly and raise the legs slightly apart, and curve them towards her chest. Then, the man should stand at the edge and hold the lady’s legs at the ankles (like driving a bicycle) as he penetrates. Holding the ankles helps the man to gain extra control, stability and achieve optimal penetration.

The lady can also vary the position of the legs to get extra pleasure and guide the man to deeper penetration. For example, she can place her heels on the man’s shoulders. She can also have the man hold the knees and press the legs apart to get an even bigger penetration.

Three more things to do to increase the chances of conceiving a boy

  • Once the man has ejaculated using the selected sex position, it is important to keep the hips elevated for 15-30 minutes. This gives the sperms the chance to move past the cervix and meet the ovum.
  • It is advisable to wait until the lady is ovulating before trying to conceive. To know the right time for ovulation, consider buying ovulation kits that can signal you the exact point when the lady releases the egg. If you have sex the moment the ovum is released, the male sperms will easily make it the uterus or fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg.
  • Emerging studies suggest that consuming more calories when trying to conceive can help you make a baby boy. Therefore, even if you have been on a diet, it is time to release the brakes and grab high carbs foods.

The final take

If you are looking forward to conceiving a baby boy, it is important to look at it as a process. Make sure both of you are focused on the process so that you use the best sex position at the perfect time. The perfect time means when the ovum is ready to get fertilized. Though these methods have not been proven scientifically, they have proven to be highly reliable. A lot of couples have been coming back with success stories. You can also be one of them by trying the outlined sex positions.

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