A lot of couples out there are almost desperate to conceive a baby of a specific gender. Even when they do not openly declare it, there is a very strong preference to have a specific gender. Though the chances of getting a baby boy or a baby girl are the same, it has now been proven that the food you eat have a huge impact on the gender of the baby. This post is a comprehensive review of the foods that will help you conceive a baby boy.

The relationship between diet and baby boy conception

The principle behind the foods that help couples conceive baby boys is all about the environment of the vagina especially during ovulation/during conception. The boy sperms swim faster than the female sperms if the vagina environment is more alkaline. What this implies is that the food you take should help to promote more alkalinity in the vagina. In some cases, the foods include ingredients that can enhance the effectiveness of Y chromosome containing sperms (male sperms).

While the main target is ensuring that the foods are alkaline, it is also crucial to ensure that they meet the following criteria.

  • The diet you select should be high in sodium and potassium.
  • The selected foods should be low in magnesium and calcium.
  • Are nutritious and promote healthy formation of sperms and early fetal development.

To conceive a baby boy, the foods discussed in this post meet the outlined three criteria.

Make papaya part of the diet weeks to conception

Papaya is one of the main foods that women looking forward to conceiving baby boys should take regularly. Papaya is rich in many ingredients that help promote the survival of the male sperm than that of the female one. It contains platinum that has been associated with helping the male sperms traveling in the vaginal environment.
You can use the papaya directly, prepare smoothies or homemade juices. You can also use papaya to prepare regular salads for the supply of minerals and vitamins. Remember that both the man and the woman should make the papaya part of the regular diet weeks before and during conception.

Take brown rice regularly

Scientists have demonstrated that brown rice cooked in water and enriched with lemon raises the chances of conceiving a baby boy with a huge margin. The secret when it comes to using rice is ensuring you get the most alkaline option out there. Great examples include the brown rice, wild rice, or japonica rice.

It is important also to appreciate that japonica, brown, or wild rice is also rich in phosphorous, iron and B-vitamin. This implies that the baby will be healthier, reduces the risks of deformities, complications, and makes the pregnancy fun.


Cauliflower is one of the leading alkaline foods out there that will work wonders for moms looking forward to conceiving baby boys. Cauliflower helps to promote an alkaline environment that supports easier and faster traveling of the male sperm towards the ovules. Because the male sperms can only last a very short period, creating the perfect environment for them to travel towards the ovules raises the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Many reproduction experts recommend using cauliflower because it also provides the body with a lot of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Omega-3 fats, and a lot of anti-oxidants. These are very important in keeping the body in the perfect condition during ovulation and pregnancy. It is important to make cauliflower part of your regular diet at least one month to ovulation.


Kales share one characteristic with other top vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower; they are highly alkalizing. This implies that they can help to lower the PH of the birth canal as well as the uterus. This provides the male sperms with the perfect environment for easier movement through the birth canal to the fallopian tubes.
You can opt to prepare kales together with beans or serve with salads, avocado, or minced garlic. Note that kales also support the removal of toxins and promote better health of the whole body. This is very crucial in balancing the body hormones, especially during ovulation and conception.

Eat a lot of pickles

Pickles are mainly associated with food craving especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Scientists have found that pickles contain sodium and potassium. In their book “What to Expect before You’re Expecting,” Sharon Maze and Heidi Murkoff recommend adding of several pickles into your daily diet to change the constitution of the body fluid. Pickles help to make the body fluids, especially in the birth canal and uterus, alkaline so that the male sperms can move easily and faster towards the ovum and fertilize it.

Add tomatoes to every meal

The tomatoes are only slightly alkaline. This sounds like not a perfect option for enhancing the capability to conceive a baby boy. However, what makes tomatoes a good ingredient when trying to make a baby boy is the high levels of vitamins that enhance the lifespan of the male sperms. When you take 100 grams of tomatoes, they supply the body with about 19mg of Vitamin E and 1.5 mg of Vitamin B group. You will also get about 235mg of potassium and 5g of sodium. You can use tomatoes in their raw form, dried or as sauces.

Sunflower Seeds

Nutritionists encourage people to include nuts and seeds in large quantities. For women who are preparing to conceive, the nuts are recommended because they are a reliable source of vitamins. For couples who want to get baby boys, it is important to go for sunflower seeds. The seeds contain a lot of vitamins that help enhance sperms ability to penetrate the ovules. The sunflower seeds also help to raise the sperm count. This implies that both the lady and her man should increase the sunflower seeds intake in their meals.

You can opt to take the sunflower seeds alone or mix them with other berries or seeds. For example, you can mix them with almonds and yogurt to make a fertility-boosting snack. They can also be mixed with tomato paste, spinach, and tulip greens.

The final take

If you are looking forward to conceiving a baby boy, the first step is getting it right on the diet. You need to look for foods that promote alkalinity of body fluids. The foods should also be aimed at helping the sperms lifespan to go up. This means that just as the woman is prepping the body, the man should also be getting ready by taking foods that help to increase the sperm count and strength.

One important thing to point at this point is that no single type of food is considered the ultimate option. For example, you should not only stick to papaya diet and expect to make it. The best option is creating a perfect mix of the foods that recommended above. To put it differently, it is important to ensure that every meal you take about three months to conception has ample supply of foods that enhance the chances of making a baby boy.

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