Have you been looking forward to having a baby boy? Are you concerned that you will add another girl to the family while you would have preferred a boy? Well, it is not time to give up before trying the Chinese gender calendar method.

The Chinese gender calendar is an astronomical method for human gender selection developed from the China of 13th Century. This post will help you apply this method to conceive a boy.

Crucial information about the Chinese gender calendar

  • The main goal of the method: The primary focus of this method is to establish the intervals during which a lady is likely to conceive a baby of a specific sex (a boy in this situation).
  • The preconception strategy: This is an essential part of the Chinese method that every couple needs to know because once the fetal sex is picked during conception, it cannot be changed. This means that the only time when you can select the right gender is before conception and no other moment.

The primary idea behind the Chinese gender calendar: how does it work?

The primary idea behind the Chinese Gender Calendar of preconception sex is that only two core factors determine the gender of a person; the Chinese month of conception and the Chinese lunar age of the lady at the time of conception.

Figure 1: A demonstration of how the two main components in the Chinese Gender calendar

The Chinese gender calendar is a legendary technique that uses temporal notions; ‘special month’ and ‘age’ that is derived from the traditional Chinese Lunisolar Calendar. Though you can still use the standard Gregorian calendar in the converted version, it is important to understand the basics and align the dates with the Lunar month.

The method used to determine conception intervals in the Chinese calendar is very simple; just read from the Chinese conception cart. The chart is carefully calculated, and you only need to have the right age of the woman working to conceive. Here are the main concepts of the method.

The Chinese Lunar year

If you are trying to conceive a baby boy, it is important to appreciate that the Chinese lunar month has twelve regular lunar months. However, a 13th month is added every second or third lunar year. Therefore, couples looking forward to conceiving a baby boy should follow the Chinese year commencing from the intercalary lunar month on the 2nd/3rd new moon following the winter solstice.

The Chinese lunar month

The Chinese lunar month starts on the exact day of the new moon. The lunar months and corresponding dates on the standard calendar are available for the period between 1901 and 2100. You can read the Chinese lunar calendar on the Hong Kong Observatory website.

The Chinese Lunar age

If you are using the original age, it is prudent to understand the right way of calculating the woman’s lunar age at the point she will conceive a baby. The algorithm for calculating the Chinese lunar age is defined by two things.

  • A person is deemed to have one lunar year at the point of birth.
  • Each person’s lunar age goes up by one year after every Chinese lunar year that passes after the moment of birth.

The Chinese gender chart for a boy

The Chinese gender chart is believed to be from the 13th century and represents the map of the sky that corresponds to the time when one was conceived. The conception chart is created using the map of the universe that corresponds to the location and time of birth. The table contains 12 columns that represent the 12 Chinese lunar months. It also contains 28 rows that represent the Chinese lunar age values. Now, each cell holds a value of the gender you want, either a boy or a girl.

It is very important to appreciate the importance of these cells that are the central pillars of the gender selection using the Chinese baby calendar.

  • The columns are conception.
  • The row refers to the mom age at conception.
  • The cells refer to the gender of the baby.

Here is a demonstration from the Chinese baby calendar of 2014.

Figure 2: Chinese baby calendar of 2014

NOTE: This chart is in Chinese lunar values. You can also refer to the next, Figure 3, chart which is the same Chinese baby calendar but translated to the Gregorian calendar.

The Chinese baby calendar chart converted to Gregorian calendar

If you are not comfortable making the conversions or calculating the Chinese lunar values, consider using the following converted table. It is a direct representation of the converted Chinese Baby Calendar of 2014.

Figure 3: Chinese Baby Calendar of 2014.

The next table is a representation of Chinese Baby Gender Calendar of 2018 that should be directly applicable to couples trying to conceive a baby boy this year.

Figure 4: Chinese Baby Calendar of 2018.

When you take a closer look at the Chinese calendar baby chart, the elements are not just used for selecting the gender, but also for prediction. This means that you can easily tell when a baby boy is likely to be conceived well before conception.

How to utilize the Chinese calendar baby chart

When you look at the Chinese calendar for baby prediction, it is tempting to conclude that it is a very complex thing. In reality, it is not. This has been made simpler through direct translations that help couples to follow simple procedures and pick the perfect moment when to conceive a baby boy. For example, if you are working towards conceiving a baby boy in 2018, simply check the translated chart provided in Figure 4. To make it even simpler when trying to conceive a baby boy, simply follow the following steps.

  • Start by finding a Gregorian translated table for the year you want to conceive a baby boy. If you want to conceive a boy in 2018, the converted table has already been provided in Figure 4.
  • On the row titles, select the ones that indicate the intervals including the birth date of the mom.
  • On the row of the title, select the cells marked as “B” (boy). This is because you intend to establish the best time to conceive a baby boy.
  • On every selected cell, check the Gregorian intervals displayed in the right title of the corresponding column. The Gregorian intervals are the periods when you have the highest chances of conceiving a baby boy.

The final take

The Chinese gender calendar is a special technique that is derived from the 13th century and represents the map of the sky that corresponds to the time when one was born. The method factors two crucial components; the mother’s Chinese lunar age at conception and the Chinese lunar month of conception. Note that you do not have to wonder how to follow the Chinese model; simply check the converted Chinese baby calendar chart represented in the Gregorian version.

Even as you closely follow the Chinese baby calendar to conceive a baby boy, it is important to also work towards providing the right environment for conceiving a baby boy. This includes using the right sex position and taking foods that promote alkalinity in the body.

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